Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thanks for the memories.

We are loving our new home! But, due to homeowners' association rules, we had to say goodbye to our "second" home: our camping trailer. We acquired it in 2009 (it had been abandoned for years), and it was in sorry shape. But with some reupholstering, some new flooring, and lots and LOTS of scrubbing and disinfecting, it became a comfy place to camp.

Despite the fact that it mostly served as a storage trailer for everything we couldn't fit in our tiny house, we also made some great camping memories and in it, namely Tombstone and Big Lake. It also served as an impromptu Santa's Workshop, where his elves took care of last-minute projects and wrapping.

As I cleaned our trailer for the last time, and looked around at its empty rooms, I felt a little sad. I hadn't thought I'd have a sentimental attachment for a trailer, of all things. But I experienced a little wistfulness, and a tiny bit of regret that we didn't take more trips with the trailer.

In the end, we had to sell the trailer, but we'll have the memories forever.

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Jaime Lynne said...

WHAT?!?!? We have part ownership in that trailer... OK. We THINK we have part ownership in that trailer and you never asked us if you could sell it and now some other family is traveling to Tombstone and visiting Kartchner Caverns and sleeping in the rain in it. I'm heartbroken, Meg. Just heartbroken. ;)

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