Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh, the places I'll go (#29)

Goal #29: Make a list of places I'd like to visit during my lifetime.

Chad has encouraged me to make this list, to help us dream and make goals for future vacations. I'll probably keep adding to it, but this is a pretty good start. (In approximate order of distance)

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
Bisbee, AZ
London Bridge, Lake Havasu, AZ
Havasupai, AZ
Santa Monica Beach, CA
San Francisco, CA
Carlsbad Caverns, NM
Butchart Gardens, Canada
Mt. Rushmore, SD
Smithsonian, Washington D.C.
Statue of Liberty, NY
Boston, MA
London, UK
Paris, France
Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence)
Queenstown, New Zealand


Taysom Wallace said...

Those do all sound like cool places to see.
Taysom :)

The Wallace Family said...

When you decide to go to Havasupai, can we come too???

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