Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#12 and #25

#12: Attend a theater performance

Every spring and fall our local Copper Cities Community Players put on a theatrical production. I've always wanted to attend, and have even thought about the possibility of trying out for one of their plays and stealing the show. So I finally made it a goal to go see what it's all about. I bought a single ticket, since Chad is supportive enough to watch the kids, but won't take it so far as to actually go with me. The performances are in the theater on the top floor of the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts Building in Historical Downtown Globe (I take voice lessons in the bottom floor; the entrance is just to the left of the entry stairs). This beautiful building used to be the county court house, and I love its charm.

I had fun. I dressed up a little, even though I knew that wouldn't be the norm. And I loved being in the small theater. The energy reminded me of my years of acting in high school productions. The play itself, "The Odd Couple," was not necessarily my cup of tea (though the target audience of our community's older population loved it, I'm sure). Most of the actors were average (Globe is a tiny pool of talent, to be sure), but I was quite impressed by the two leads. I smiled. I laughed. I went home happy. 4/14/12

#25: Leave a $5 bill and a note inside a library book

I hid the cash and a note inside one of my favorite books in the Globe Public Library. Just a few words congratulating the reader on making a stellar book choice. I'm curious to see how long it will take to be discovered. I probably won't be able to resist checking each time I visit the library. 4/16/12


The Wallace Family said...

I would love to see the expression on the person's face who finds your note and $. Love it!

Jaime Lynne said...

You're cool and confident enough to be able to go out and have an adventure on your own. I like you!

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