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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What sledding is all about

Bree and Mason had never had the privilege of sledding, but they're getting old enough to know when they're missing something good. We finally made the trip up to the mountains to visit my cousin Kellianne's family and play in their abundant snow. Getting the kids dressed in snow pants, coats, gloves, and boots proved much more difficult than I had anticipated. There were complaints and tears, and we almost didn't make it outside at all. But, we explained, getting suited up was a necessary part of sledding.

Getting to the sledding hill was quite a trek. Even short distances are cumbersome when you keep sinking in 4-foot snow. There was some whining, and the adults tried to give the kids rides as best we could (I carried Riley inside my coat the whole time, which is also why I'm not in any sledding pictures!). But walking in the snow is part of sledding too. Then the kids didn't want to climb up the hill. We explained that you have to climb up in order to sled down. Chad and Aaron showed their physical prowess and carried or pulled kids up the hill. Their smiles and shrieks as they sped down the hill on their sleds made everything worth it. The hot cocoa afterwards made it worth it too.

We had a great time visiting Kellianne, Aaron, Jenna, Kenzie, and Caleb (Kenzie and Caleb are close to Bree and Mason's ages). We crashed a birthday party that their friends were throwing at Peter Piper Pizza. We enjoyed free pizza and cupcakes, and our kids had tokens to play games and ride the mechanical tractor (so generous of perfect strangers!) Our kids thought they had never experienced anything so amazing! Bree got to sleep on the top bunk, and the adults chatted the evening away over Jiffy Pop. I fell in love with the beautiful neighborhood and life in the mountains. We'll definitely be taking advantage of our cousins' hospitality again soon!

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Jaime Lynne said...

These are some beautiful photos! :) Too bad you aren't scrapping any more.

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