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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Terrible/Terrific Two

It has not really been my experience that the age of two is necessarily terrible. Mason may be a little crazy at times, climbing and jumping off of anything he possibly can. He has a new bruise every other day to show for it. And he is much more stubborn than Bree was. But he's more of a cuddler. He loves his siblings. And, most importantly, the screeching that started when he was about 15 months old has greatly decreased. "Speech" is increasing instead, and although he is difficult to understand, we are under the impression that he is of adequate intelligence.

So Mason turning two is exciting. We're looking forward to a year of improved language skills, potty training, and lots and lots of sports-themed play time. He loves the soccer ball ("hocca bah") he got for his birthday, and is completely obsessed with his new baseball glove; he wears it everywhere, and falls asleep with it on. We draw the line at wearing the glove at the table, but Mason's become a pretty big fan of food (not that you could tell by looking at the skinny kid), so it's not a big battle to take it off to eat.

We celebrated with a couple friends and a Mickey Mouse cake (it turned out cute and "vintage" looking...true black and vivid red frosting is beyond my grasp). Of course, Mason doesn't really eat cake. But that didn't bother the rest of us. Bree was more than happy to eat Mason's share.


Melissa said...

Cute cake Megan! It does look vintage. I actually really enjoy two year olds, mostly for all the reasons you listed. They start to communicate so much more effectively and there are so many milestones. Carson was harder the beginning part of three than two and Abby has also been a fun two year old so far, so I think "terrible twos" is misnamed (not that they don't have their moments...)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your cake decorating ability! Tell Mason Happy Birthday from the Keyes family!

Frances Wallace said...

My grandchildren could never be terrible !

You made another awesome cake. Does Mason like ice cream?

Happy Birthday to my adorable Mason. I miss his wonderful hugs.

Tina and Dan said...

Oh he is SO cute! I love your kids! They are so cute! I loved how high-pitched that song was! :O) Hope you are doing well as mother of 3!

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