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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wanna get away?

Sometimes Chad and I just need some alone time. We decided on this little getaway at the last minute. Yes, I know we were just on vacation in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, staying at the in-laws' is not very conducive to romance (although it was wonderful and relaxing!). So, since we already had to go to town for my doctor appointment, we just asked my mom to come a day early and stay with the kids overnight. She said she would, and Chad told me to book a room, hang the cost! (We love to pretend we can afford stuff like this!) So I logged on to Expedia, and found a gorgeous-looking hotel, The Royal Palms, in Scottsdale. I love Expedia because I can read the reviews and hopefully know what I'm getting ahead of time. Not to mention, we got a killer last-minute deal! This was the second time I've stayed at a 5-star hotel, and I must say, I could get used to it! These photos are a true representation of what this place looks like--they actually don't capture the lush, intimate feel of the mediterranean style resort. The service was amazing. Although we couldn't afford the gourmet restaurant, we had a delicious room-service breakfast, that was not only brought to our door, but was set up for us in our sitting area, complete with tablecloth and vase of flowers. One of our favorite things was the 24-hour pool--there's nothing more romantic than a late-night swim when you have the place to yourself! Our mini-vacation also included a viewing of the movie Hancock (which was very good), a new restaurant experience (delicious Thai, Malaysian, and Singapore cuisine) and a shopping trip to the Fashion Square mall in Scottsdale (a wonderfully snooty place with huge, gorgeous shops). Now we're back in Globe, and coming home to our small town is like returning to a quieter, simpler time. Well, minus the children who are crying because they're exhausted and want Gramma to come back! So thank you a million times Mom for making this possible. We really needed it!


Frances wallace said...

Dear Megan,
Your little vacation looked wonderful.
Your Mom is awesome.
I sure miss all of you. Give Bree and Mason a kiss from G and G Wallace.
Love, The Mother-In-Law

Melissa said...

How fun! I've never stayed in a five star hotel before!
Mike and I are going to Vegas for the weekend (he has a conference for work there and we are going out a couple days early) and it's our first weekend away since Abby was born so I'm really, really looking forward to it! You definitely need to do that once in a while when you have kids.

Jaime Lynne said...

Are you serious!? This place is amazing. A well-deserved break for you and I hope it happens again soon.

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