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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to remove a tree stump 101

Step 1: Spend a few hours painstakingly digging through rocky soil to expose roots.

Step 2: Using an axe, cut through the exposed roots.

Step 3: Let your husband fill the whole thing with water, which he says will make the pulling-out process easier (this won't actually do anything but make a big muddy mess)

Step 4: Drill lags into the stump and attach the stump to your truck with straps.

Step 5: Pull, and be disappointed when nothing happens because this means more digging for you (in a wet muddy hole).

Step 6: By an amazing stroke of luck, allow a passing city worker on a front-loader tractor help you. He will, with a few swift movements of his bucket, break the remaining roots to free the stump.

Step 7: Again attach the stump to you truck and pull. This time you're able to drag it up your driveway and out onto the curb for more wonderful city workers to take away.

Step 8: Fill in the hole.

Step 9: Celebrate your success in getting rid of a stump that has been plaguing your side yard for two years!


Tina & Dan said...

Hey congrats! THat is a task not easily achieved...I KNOW! I remember growing up one summer my Dad had us remove a giant stump from the back yard. It took us the entire summer for the 3 bulson children (Tori was too small)and our scrawny arms to dig up and hack away at the stump to no avail. Finally, just days before the summer was over my Dad had someone with a rotter rooter (or whatever you call it) and we watched him pull that stump out like it was blowing a feather...I was soooo mad! My Dad said we had built character and that was what was important...I'm still for fast and effecient. That's what I learned! :O)

Frances wallace said...

You are a fabulous writer. It sounded almost fun to work so hard. Bree enjoyed it.
Wish we were there to help.
Love, Grandma Fran

Jaime Lynne said...

Wow! What a difference this will make to your front yard. I know how long you've been wanting those removed. Can't wait to see in person how great it looks!

Robert said...

Classic home improvement moment that you will enjoy reminiscing for the rest of your lives...better yet every time you tell it the bigger the stump will get, the deeper the hole, the bigger the mud pit etc...We sure love you guys!!

Tree Service Brooklyn said...

This really is the most creative and imaginative home improvement, and most all, all NATURAL! Very cool way of removing a stump!

-Samudaworth Tree Service

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