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Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's Blessings

I woke up this morning to blessing number 1: it was 9:00am! I had slept through the whole night, which meant that Mason slept all night too--10 hours! I couldn't believe it! I don't always sleep that long, but I had been deprived the past couple of nights, so I'm ecstatic that he let me catch up.

Blessing number 2: my fax machine worked. This may seem insignificant, but the fact that my relatively new multipurpose machine, whose fax feature was never needed in the past, has been failing me in that area. As the RS president, I have to fax food orders to the Bishop's Storehouse every 2 weeks, and it is supposed to be a great convenience to be able to send these from the comfort of my home and PJs. It may seem silly, but it was causing me a great deal of frustration, and adding to the stress of my calling. I know the Lord is helping my fax machine. He's also helping me to not easily freak out and get overwhelmed by the small stuff!

Blessing number 3 actually came yesterday when Chad's doctor's office called and said that the MRI of his knee showed extra fluid, but no torn cartilage! We had been worried about the pain/stiffness/popping sounds from Chad's knee, and we were praying that there would be no cause for knee surgery. We're so thankful that some physical therapy and care will alleviate the problem.

Blessing number 4: the rain! The storms came in yesterday to save us from Wednesday's sunny and 95 weather. I've been enjoying moisture and temps not passing 60. It's funny how that has put me in such a great mood! I read my friend Mackenzie's recent blogging about how the rain makes her happy. When I lived near Seattle, I took the weather and green for granted, and now that I've been a desert dweller for 7 years, I will never overlook this blessing again!

So, if you ask me why I'm in such a good mood today, see above blessings!


Frances wallace said...

I wrote a comment last week that didn't show up so it would be a blessing if this one works.
Chad, Megan, Bree and Mason are some of my choicest blessings.
You're enjoying raindrops and believe me in Vegas we are loving those raindrops too !
Chad has been truly blessed with a wonderful family! I'm thankful there was no serious injury to Chad's knee. Thank you for reminding me of just a few of our blessings. Keep counting.
Love, Mom Fran

Melissa said...

Being a parent makes you appreciate things you used to take for granted...like a full night's sleep. That is the best feeling when you wake up on your own and realize that you slept all the way through the night without once being woke up by children. Hopefully Mason will do it more often for you.
Reading your blessings made me think about mine. Thanks for the reminder about all the wonderful things that go on around us everyday.

Jaime Lynne said...

I am so glad Chad does not need surgery and congrats on a full night of sleep!

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