Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He Remembered!

This is my third year celebrating Mother's Day as an actual Mom. Unfortunately, the past 2 years, although Chad got me some kind of gift or promise of gift 'round about Mother's Day, he forgot the actual day. This may seem petty to men, but this particular woman thought it was a sad oversight.

Well, this year Chad remembered! He set the alarm so he wouldn't sleep in (our church isn't until 11:00, so usually I wake him up after I've already showered and am getting myself and the kids breakfast). He made me a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip strawberry waffles and eggs. And then he gave me my gift--2 DVDs (Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2--how appropriate!) and the Twilight series. But the best part was his card--homemade with my scrapbook supplies, with a loving message inside. I had tears in my eyes as I read it; I don't think he's ever written me a love note before, and it meant so much!

So, even though Sundays are hectic for me with my RS calling, and Chad works from 3 to 9pm, I had the best Mother's Day ever (so far)!

PS--Bree 'made' me a card in Nursery. I guess it had little pom-poms for flowers, but she picked those off before I even saw it!


emilybolles said...

How Sweet! What a wonderful husband you have! Jordan seems to think that he doesn't need to do much since I'm not "his" mom. I showed him the picture of your breakfast as I was trying to make him feel guilty. He suggested that he should have brought me breakfast in bed. Then he said how easy that would've been considering I usually eat an odwalla bar for breakfast. Oh well, maybe next year:0)

Frances Wallace said...

Dear Megan,
I'm so proud of my son. You deserve every bit of it and more !
Your home evening was awesome.
Bree is sooo beautiful and a great entertainer too.
Love , Grandma Fran

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