Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Special Pumpkin Fest

Chad and I had a chance to take Lincoln to a free fall event for kids with special needs at the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was sunny and hot, because that's how we do fall around here.

There were Halloween tattoos (Lincoln was not a fan):

Art projects:

And a hay maze perfect for kids Lincoln's size:

The petting zoo was cool--Lincoln loved the tiny pigs:

And he got to pick out his own free pumpkin (Chad wanted to grab a huge one, but we let Lincoln choose, and he opted for a small one):

We finished the trip off with free entry to the Butterfly Exhibit (I got yelled at for trying to get one to crawl on my finger):


Robert Lea said...

The picture of Lincoln seen through the hay tunnel is one of your best photos ever. It should be framed and displayed.

Cute pigtails, btw.

Jaime Lynne said...

That last comment was from me.

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