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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Break in Las Vegas

During the kids' Fall Break from school we were able to visit Chad's family in Las Vegas. One of the main highlights of the trip was the Discovery Children's Museum. We had been to the old Children's Museum, but this new one was bigger and better. Chad chased Bree and Mason around (they spent a ton of time in the three-story play structure), and Fran and Jim and I hung out with Lincoln and Trust in the little kids' area. Lincoln was in heaven.

Mason lost his first tooth while we were there. Luckily the Tooth Fairy found us. Now he and Bree have matching smiles.

We also visited Chad's cousin Curtis and his family. The kids played a little (Cal was loving on Lincoln--so adorable) before we headed out for some shopping at Town Square (Amber is an awesome shopping buddy).

A weekend of General Conference rounded out the visit. The weather was chilly and glorious; it felt like fall had officially arrived. And we said goodbye to the house Fran and Jim have lived in for so many years, since they'll be moving soon. The next time we visit, it will be to their new place! Hopefully that time won't be too far off.


The Wallace Family said...

I have to send a couple of these photos to Taysom and Tucker. We sure miss you all!

Jaime Lynne said...

Isn't that museum just fabulous?!? We moved the week it opened and my heart was broken.

My heart was also broken during your time in Vegas when I knew you were there and we were here.

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