Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet the teacher

The time is almost here--time to send two thirds of my offspring to an actual school! To be primarily educated by someone else! I can't wait! And neither can Bree. Mason is mostly indifferent. (The most excitement we've seen from him is when I told him we'd buy him Legos if he learned to tie his shoes before school started.) But visiting the new school to meet the teachers was a pretty fun adventure.

Bree met her teacher, who is awesome in a no-nonsense way. I can already tell she expects a lot from her kids, which I love.

Bree was given tasks to complete before she could leave. Stock her desk with the school supplies we'd brought.

Get her picture taken. However, she said she didn't want to have her picture taken with the monkey, which totally embarrassed me. "I'm just not into monkeys," she says. Spare me. Just stand there and smile. She eventually did pose for her picture, thank goodness. Mason didn't need any encouragement.

Bree suggested a title for one of the bulletin boards, wrote it down on a card, and added to the suggestion box.

Then she "checked out" a book from Mrs. M's collection. Dad helped her write down the book's info on a card to leave with the teacher.

We met Mason's teacher, who was very sweet, and a little quiet. I couldn't get a good read on her, but I hope to heaven that she is patient with our very active and distractable boy.

Mason found his desk in the back corner. I wonder if that seating arrangement will last...

And finally, after Mason had asked about a hundred times if we could go back to the gym to get a muffin, we obliged him.

We had spent time visiting the info booths around the room, signing the kids up for after-school soccer, using the charcoal at the art table, and stacking cups "speed stacking" style. But the muffins were cool too. And Bree was excited to sit in the place where she'll be eating lunch every day with her new friends.

Lincoln liked the school too. He was very impressed that the kids will focus on the seven habits of highly effective people during their years there. And he loves the fact that patriotism plays a huge role--the kids learn about the constitution, the founding fathers, and everything this country was created to stand for. And the chocolate muffins were delicious.

American Leadership Academy, Meet the Teacher Day
July 20th, 2013

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The Wallace Family said...

Holy Moly! When does school start for you? I haven't even stepped foot over at my school yet. We don't start until the 15th. Props to the dedicated teachers! I'm sure Bree and Mason will love their teachers and their teachers will love them too.

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