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Monday, February 11, 2013

Simply Delicious

As our move approaches, there are obviously many things on my to-do list. One of those things was "spend gift card to Simply Sarah's", a birthday gift from my amazing visiting teacher. Simply Sarah's is an adorable and eclectic gift shop downtown, with fun clothing items, cards, tea things, and more. It is also the only place in this town to score some gourmet food items. I came home with soft caramels, dark chocolate dipped blueberries, chocolate crepe mix, and this hollandaise sauce:
I LOVE eggs benedict, but have failed miserably in the past at making hollandaise sauce. So when I saw these packets, I bought them immediately. And yes, today I should have been packing or something, but I made eggs benedict instead. With the sauce ready to go, and my eggs poaching in the oven, the task was not daunting at all.

Delicious. And Chad got to taste the dish for the first time. And no, I didn't share with the kids; they got plain ol' egg mcmuffins. Thank you Barbara, for the gift card, and thank you Simply Sarah's for indulging this wanna-be foodie's taste buds.
(*photos found on web*)


The Wallace Family said...

Thinking of you guys - wondering how the packing and moving is going on. Love you!!

Jaime Lynne said...

I've never actually tried eggs benedict. Can we still be friends?!?

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