Monday, November 5, 2012

Portrait of a 4-Year-Old (third installment)

 Scene V
"Obesity Foreshadowed"

MOM: You don't have to finish that second burrito. Make sure you listen to your tummy, and stop eating when it tells you to.

MASON: But I just can't stop eating--it tastes so good!

Scene VI
"The Passage of Time is a Difficult and Abstract Concept"

MASON: Is tomorrow Christmas?

MOM: No. Tomorrow is Friday.

MASON: You mean the next day?

MOM: Yes, the next day is tomorrow.

MASON: Well, when's Thanksgiving?

MOM: In three weeks.

MASON: I knew that! Thanksgiving is in... four weeks...Momma, is three... I mean, is four... three weeks...

MOM: It's okay, buddy, don't hurt yourself.


The Wallace Family said...

Love these!!! Keep them coming :)

Frances Wallace said...

I love the DRAMA!

Taysom Wallace said...

Haha! :) I agree with my Mom! I love these installments! :)

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