Tuesday, November 20, 2012

19 Months

This post was originally intended to be an 18-month update...that is indicative of how things have been around here lately. We're busy, I didn't have recent photos, etc. Actually, Lincoln started doing some really awesome things AFTER the 18-month mark, so this post is much more impressive than that other one would have been.

The details:
  • Signs "food" and "more" and "drink"
  • Says "baba" (bottle), "muhk" (milk), "bye" (accompanied by a wave), "hi" (with a wave), "nana" (banana), and "mama"
  • Can point to my nose, and find his tummy and feet
  • Likes looking at books, and pointing to things on the page
  • Has to be a part of all jokes, and will always chuckle belatedly

Don't mind Bree, the creeper
  • Walks all over the place with great balance, does impressive squat reps, and crawls onto the coffee table and into any crack he can fit into
Chad took this one while I was out, and it was a lovely surprise to discover as I imported photos to my computer
  • Maneuvers push and pull toys like a pro
  • Can stack rings, and insert coins into a slot
  • Loves to dance, wave his arms, and bob his head to music
  • Really enjoys the TV 
  • Has lately begun to elicit signs of separation anxiety--a first in any of our kids
  • Opens and empties drawers, shreds magazines and newspapers, and will trail toilet paper around the house whenever a bathroom door gets left open
Lincoln is still a snuggly little baby. I am loving the extra time I get to enjoy him when he's still small. He gives the best hugs, and I can't get enough. It makes everyone else in the family jealous. He is the center of our family; I can't imagine us without him.


The Wallace Family said...

Love all of the pictures, but that second one is priceless!!

Jaime Lynne said...

He's amazing. He's so, so amazing!!!

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