Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Peachy

Thanks to Goal #4, my peach tree got plenty of water this season. As a result, this:
became this:

We have harvested a few dozen (less than half of what was on the tree, thanks to birds and bees) of the most beautiful, sweet, juicy Elberta peaches imaginable. And not just in a "Oh, it's from my garden and it's really yummy" kind of way. Like in a "the best peaches I've ever eaten in my life" kind of way.

I planted this tree just over two years ago, and I chose this type of peach because that gold and red flesh makes me swoon. And it's a freestone variety, which makes slicing them a breeze, as Chad demonstrated in preparation for our first peach-themed baking session.

It was cobbler night tonight.
(This photo is actually from a time when I made this recipe for a Cookie Day back in 2008. With store-bought peaches *gasp!*. The blue background and lighting makes me cringe, but I love the texture shown. I didn't take a good picture tonight, because well, Chad and I ate the whole pan. In one sitting.)

Up next on the menu? Peaches and Cream Pie? Peach Cupcakes? Chicken with Peaches and Basil? We'll see how long they last. We've been snacking on them plain. Lincoln loves them, and Bree, who previously didn't like peaches, at a whole one tonight for dessert. Oh, yes. Best peaches ever.


elise said...

i'm so jealous! those are GORGOUS!!! enjoy!

The Wallace Family said...

Hmmm - need to talk to you about your watering system. Our peach tree produced several peaches, but the tree obviously didn't get enough water - the fruit never developed.

Frances Wallace said...

Good job! Do you deliver?

Jaime Lynne said...

Beautiful pictures, Meg. The peaches look delic.

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