Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Married Off

My beloved friend Mackenzie, whom I've known since the 6th grade, just got married. Had I ever met the guy? Or heard of him? Or known that she was dating at all? No. But when I got a text with a picture of her showing off her ring, I immediately texted back, "Just tell me when and where. I'm there."

So I flew to Salt Lake City, rented a car, and checked into a hotel (all by myself, which I was weirdly nervous about, but which was, for obvious reasons, very liberating and exciting), then headed to Gepettos' restaurant with Cari to meet up with the bachelorette party crowd. It was so much fun to see Mackenzie again, and to see long-time friends after years of separation.

We had Cold Stone ice cream cake (um, chocolate-peanut butter: delicious!), flashing party accessories, and lingerie that all fell into the guidelines of Mackenzie's ANTI-red-and-black-lace-bustier point of view.

Then Ralph (the fiance) showed up as we were leaving, with balloons and a bouquet for Mackenzie, which gave us all a chance to meet him and see them together before the wedding. So adorable.

We wrapped up the evening at Mackenzie's apartment, talking about important post-wedding matters, until Mackenzie, ever the practical one, told us that she was kicking us out, because she needed her sleep.

Tina (and baby James) and I shared a room at the Crystal Inn, and after sleeping in the next morning, we spent the day lounging and talking. I love Tina. We have been friends since sixth grade when we met at church. We were roommates for several years of EFY when we were teenagers. And we've always been close. But since becoming adults, wives, and mothers, we haven't had much time together. So I relished bonding with Tina this weekend.

We talked about our families, caught up on missed years, and discussed everything from the meaning of life, to our favorite Food Network shows, and everything in between. It's no secret that Tina was always considered the "blonde" of our group growing up. And yes, she still forgets what she's talking about mid-way through a sentence. But when she does finish her thought, it is always something worth saying. She has turned into an amazingly intelligent woman, with so much insight to offer, and those hours I spent with her were priceless.

Then of course, the main event: Mackenzie's wedding! She was such a beautiful, elegant bride, and she was so happy. I am thrilled for this deserving friend of mine to have found a great guy, and am excited to think of the journey she's starting on. It's the end of an era, of sorts. The last of our girlfriends to marry, and in the temple. 

After taking pictures, having luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and sneaking the honeymoon gift basket into Mackenzie's car, we said our final goodbyes. Congratulations my beautiful friend. It's going to be great.


Jaime Lynne said...

They have got to be one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen. And her dress is to die for. I'm so happy you got to be there by her side. And that you were kid-free.

Tina and Dan said...

Ah! I love you too! I had a wonderful weekend and I too enjoyed every moment we had catching up. You inspired me in so many ways! Thank you!

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