Monday, January 16, 2012

A visit to the Yellow Cottage

Chad had a few days off at the beginning of January, and we got to spent some time with Rob and Jaime. The kids seem to get along a little better each time we see them, which is nice, since they have no choice in the matter. And a lot of the trip revolved around them.

Swimming in the hot tub.

A cozy kid-size fire.

Bedtime stories.

But there was plenty to please the adults too. We just didn't take tons of pictures (or they're on Jaime's iPhone). We played games, went to Maggiano's and Cheesecake Factory for date night (yes, two restaurants in one night; one for dinner, one for dessert), and ate a lot of good food. Chocolate Pudding Cake. Taco Soup. Mini Chocolate Donuts. Grilled Chicken Caprese. Lemon Bars with lemons from the tree in the backyard.

Nothing Bundt Cake.
(Despite the way it looks, Jaime shared with everyone.)

It was a nice little break, and we enjoyed seeing Rob, who was still on winter break from school. And who knows what our next visit will bring? Camping? A cruise? To be determined.

1 comment:

Jaime Lynne said...

I have pics ready to blog but I feel such pressure to choose just the right words. You've inspired me now. Thanks for the visit. It means so much.

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