Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Outer Space is Gender Specific

On Monday, Mason and Bree finally got the chance to spend the Christmas money they received from Grandma and Grandpa Wallace (our local Walmart has a small selection of toys on a good day, so you can imagine how barren the toy shelves were after Christmas). Bree came home with a big, beautiful selection of new Barbie clothes, and Mason bought a space station, astronauts and aliens to go with the shuttle set he'd gotten from Santa. They have been playing with their new acquisitions non-stop since bringing them home.

Yesterday Mason had one of the new astronauts in his hand when he came up to me as I was making dinner:

Mason: This guy's from outispace
Me: He's from out-er space?
Mason: No, out-his space. This guy is from out-his space.


Taysom Wallace said...

haha! that's so creative I would've never thought of that! :) Way to be, Mason!


Frances Wallace said...

Mason makes my heart smile.

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