Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Semi-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Adam and Heather are busy people, and have a fixer-upper that might overwhelm anyone.  So when Chad got enthusiastic about helping them re-install their flooring, I had to laugh.  He says he enjoys house projects, just not all house projects.  And definitely not the ones I am currently wishing would get done around here.  I have yet to completely figure out the criteria for projects he likes, but so far I have deduced that if it involves gardening, landscaping, or painting, it's not on his list.  But he likes working with the table saw.  And wood.  And the rubber mallet is okay too.  Hence, floating wood floors are on his list.  
 So we invaded Adam and Heather's home for a weekend to tear up the flooring, which was installed ineptly and without foresight. (Note the gap running across the middle of the room)

We did not expect to have to remove the lower cabinets and oven along one wall of the kitchen.  But since we wanted to reuse the flooring, we had no choice.  We had planned to have the project mostly in hand by the time Heather got home from work on Friday, but things didn't go as quickly as we'd hoped.  And there might have been a few moments there when I was inwardly freaking out a little, looking around at the mess, wondering what we'd done.  But then we temporarily moved the oven back into the still-unfinished kitchen so we could cook some dinner.  And with some food in my belly and new energy for my brain, things started looking up.
We managed to complete the flooring throughout the living, dining, kitchen, and front room, and into the front hall.  With no ugly gaps.  Ready for baseboards.

And this is what the kids did the entire time.

Yeah, that's a TV they're staring at.  For two straight days.

Poor things.

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