Saturday, August 6, 2011

The poor boy is confused.

Mason has developed quite an impressive vocabulary, but he doesn't always recall the appropriate word for the situation.  Just a few examples:

*Cough* Ow.
Mason, does your throat hurt?
No, it's my diet.  My diet hurts.
(I've tried explaining what a diet is several times.  Apparently it's a difficult concept to grasp.)

(As Mason puts on his pool floaty) This will make me melt in the water.
You mean float in the water?
Oh yeah, it will make me float.  I don't want to sink in the water.
(A few minutes later) This will make me...not sink in the water.

Mason, will you close the driveway gate?
So the avacados won't get in the garden?
Do you mean the javelinas?
Yeah, the javelinas.

Avacados, javelinas...four-syllable words from a three-year-old's mouth are always impressive, even if they are out of context.


elise said...

rayna's in this stage too... love it! a couple weeks ago she asked for the cinnamon cheese (parmesean), but i must admit, the avocado/javelina could become a classic!

Frances Wallace said...

I do love our adorable Mason! Give him a hug from G and G Wallace.

Jaime Lynne said...

Love that you captured these forever. How are you doing with your blog books?

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