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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My take on a few things

  • Only 8 days until our cruise to the Mexican Riviera with Rob and Jaime! So excited, but feeling so unprepared.
  • Blooming roses, petunias, fresh scallions, sweet peas, and herbs. Delicious (not the flowers, just the other stuff).
  • Needing to turn on the A/C two days ago when it was 89 outside. Not okay.
  • Looking out my kitchen window to see this instead of the lovely shady tree of summers past (compliments of Chad's "pruning" last fall, despite my protests). Sad almost to the point of tears.
  • My two-year-old counting to four, trying to sing his ABCs, and now saying "Pweeeeease" after everything to get what he wants. Adorable.
  • Bree sporadically saying, "Mom...I love you." So sweet.
  • Finally watching the movie The Blind Side. Loved it.
  • Being introduced to the show Community. Hilarious.
  • Fitting into my clothes again. Awesome and a huge relief.
  • Sewing new clothes for the cruise. I'm impressing myself.
  • Playing the computer game Sims 3. Fun, but having mixed feelings about being sucked into the gaming world and making a hypocrite out of myself.
  • Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. Must buy more.

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