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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Happenings

The days go by quietly around here, and we've found a good rhythm. This week:
  • We've spent a lot of time outside, walking at the school track, playing in the front yard (that little patch of grass brings us immense joy!), and weeding.
  • The kids and I got our first mild sunburns of the season.
  • Chad and I covered the big area around our newly-planted fruit trees and blackberry bushes with landscape fabric. We were just tired of weeding that plot (or tired of looking at it's commonly un-weeded state). Now we're covering it back up with the rocks that were there before. Backbreaking but satisfying.
  • Bree came out of her room last night, saying "I can't find my cheese." (We give the kids slices of cheese at bedtime, because, let's face it, kids are always hungry. It's also something my mom gave us for a bedtime snack when we were kids. It not only won't give you cavities, it actually helps prevent tooth decay.) We looked all over in her bed, but couldn't find it. This morning I found it. In her hair. In a dried mass.
  • Chad and I have been eating healthy, and he has reached his goal weight! (The stinker says that he doesn't want to get any lighter, for job safety. He wants to be able to hold his own in a fight.) I lost another two pounds this week, my body fat percentage finally dropped a couple points, and I'm just about ready to dig into the storage bins for clothes the next size smaller.
  • Bree learned that the most important thing about Easter is not the Easter Bunny.
  • A few white roses on my climbing vines opened. They're beautiful and smell wonderful. Soon there will be hundreds of them. Literally.
  • I finished reading David Copperfield, which is 750 pages. Anyone who hasn't yet read Dickens (A Christmas Carol excluded) should.


Melissa said...

A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite Dickens that I've read. After struggling through the first part of Great Expectations, I also enjoyed that one. I have yet to attempt David Copperfield; good job!

Frances Wallace said...

I can't wait to see your yard!

The cheese was better than bubble gum stuck in Bree's hair. I outlawed gum many years ago. My children could not walk and chew gum simultaneously.

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