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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visit to "Gamma's"

Sunday afternoon we all drove out to my parents' house to meet Adam and his soon-to-be fiancee. It was such a nice relaxing visit--we played games, watched movies, ate good homemade food, and Bree "swam" in her little wading pool. Unfortunately I didn't take any other photos, so I don't have a picture of Adam and Heather. But I love her--she is awesome! Very cute, sweet, and most importantly: normal. I felt totally comfortable with her, and am very excited to have her as a sister-in-law come December.

Bree spent a lot of time entertaining all of us. Ex: she and Adam had a pillow fight, and when Bree got hit by a pillow, she fell backwards and hit her head a little on the ottoman. So after that, when she got hit by a pillow, she would pause, look around for a safe spot on the floor, and then fall. We all were laughing so hard, and her antics just got more and more melodramatic.

Cute bonus anecdote: this morning at the breakfast table she had her little plastic horse. Well, first she said "owie horsie ear" in reference to the bite marks that she herself had previously made in the horse's ear. Then she said "rock baby" and proceeded to sing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" as she rocked the horse back and forth: "Rock baby...treetot...wind bwow...cradle..." the she laid her horse on the table and said "ni-night horsie." Gotta love her!


emilysblog said...

Bree is so beautiful. They grow up so fast. She looks like a lot of fun too! Congrats for Adam!

Frances wallace said...

Jealous , jealous and jealous ! That's ugly but that's how I feel missing all these precious moments. Get over it, Grandma !
Love, Grandma Silly

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