Friday, August 15, 2014

32 Things Progress

So I'm about half-way through with my 32 Thinks in my 32nd year...and I only have three months left if I want to finish them before my birthday marks the beginning of my 33rd year. It's been an interesting year, with plenty of ups and downs that have derailed my from my progress. I'm determined to do my best though.

Here's how the list is looking as of today:
  1. Go hiking with the family
  2. Go camping with the family
  3. Family vacation to Washington state
  4. Go on a date with Chad to somewhere new
  5. Redecorate Bree's Barbie house with her (the plain white one she got from Santa two years ago)
  6. Volunteer in Mason's kindergarten class
  7. Organize a play-date just for Lincoln
  8. Donate blood
  9. Read the Book of Mormon (working on this one)
  10. Make a Family Home Evening assignment board (so I'm not the only one giving the lessons)
  11. Go to the temple at least 8 times (I've been twice so far...and almost made it two more times.)
  12. Update the RS email directory
  13. Know all the sisters in my ward by name (I know so many names, but I cannot always match them to a face yet) (working on's been more difficult since my calling has changed to Stake RS Secretary)
  14. Repair my living room curtains
  15. Display family photos in the house
  16. Plant something
  17. Make a chalkboard message wall in the kitchen
  18. Decorate with a thrift store find
  19. Furnish the loft with more light
  20. Reupholster the couch in the loft (one of its arms used to be just there are chunks of foam missing)
  21. Make bread pudding like the kind served at Famous Dave's
  22. Can butter
  23. Make a tablecloth for the kitchen table
  24. Sew or refashion an article of clothing
  25. Do 20 real pushups with good form
  26. Stay at or under my goal weight for a month
  27. Read 52 books (I'm on book #29)
  28. Read a biography (currently reading one)
  29. Read War and Peace (I only got about a fifth of the way through...I think I might give up on this one)
  30. Publish my 2012 blog book (barely started)
  31. Scan and digitize my bin of old photos
  32. Take pictures every day for one week


The Wallace Family said...

you go! I know I would accomplish more if I wrote goals down. Thanks for being an awesome example.

Jaime Lynne said...

You ARE an awesome example. I'm about halfway through with mine. I need to step it up if I want to finish this year.

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