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Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Days

May was a pretty sweet month around here. Here are just a few photos from my phone as proof.
1: Leadership Day at ALA. Mason's class sang a song for the audience of visitors. I don't remember much about the day, except that Chad and I wondered why we had come. Most other parents snuck out early after their kids had performed. It was also a significant day because I forgot to pick up Lincoln after preschool. I knew it would happen at least once during the school year. I'm impressed that I made it all the way to May!
2 & 3: We hiked to the top of a trail at the nearby San Tan Mountain Regional Park. The view from the top was amazing! And I got to check goal #1, "Go hiking with the family," off my list.
4: Chad always pampers me for Mother's Day. This year we were on a tight budget, so he cooked and cleaned for me in lieu of gifts or flowers, which is awesome. But my mom generously gave me some Mom's Day cash, which I used to splurge on these gorgeous hydrangeas. They were so perfect, and looked beautiful in my kitchen.
5: Lincoln seems to always be tired. We stopped letting him take naps because he would wake up WAY too early in the morning. He falls asleep in random places around the house during the quiet afternoon hours.
6 & 7: I got my first custom cookie order from Mason's teacher, for a baby shower she was throwing for a friend. It took me forever, and I learned a lot. They turned out so cute!
8 & 9: Chad's sergeant had baseball tickets he couldn't use. So when we landed a cheap babysitter at a ward Young Women fundraiser, we jumped at the free tickets! It had been a long time since Chad and I had been to a ball game together, sans children. And I was excited to try the brand-new, much-talked-of "D-Bat". An 18-inch corn dog stuffed with bacon, jalapenos, and cheese. Uh-mazing.
10: We bought another inflatable pool for the summer, after getting our money's worth out of ours last year. Lincoln is hesitant to go in the pool when Bree and Mason are being crazy. So I invited Reyna and her son over for a pool play date. Lincoln thought it was way cool. And I crossed #7, "Organize a play date just for Lincoln," off my list.
11: My freezer is filled with brown bananas, waiting to be used in a recipe. Banana Cream Pie cupcakes it is.
12: I started a Mary Kay Facebook page, where I can post selfies sporting my latest favorites. This one shows off my newest lipstick: Citrus Flirt.
13 & 14: Kindergarten graduation. Outrageously cheesy and unnecessary. But you have to go and take pictures, to prove you love your kid. 
15: More evidence that Lincoln can fall asleep anywhere.
16: Our family got free tickets to a sneak preview of How To Train Your Dragon 2. It was exciting to see the film before the official release, and we all loved the movie. Even though I still am not into the whole 3-D movie thing.

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Jaime Lynne said...

You have a sweet AZ life, Meg. I'm so happy for you.

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