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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Extreme Couponing

It was my first major coupon expedition. I had been training for months. I had scoured bargain shopping websites and coupon databases. I took full advantage of my three computers when it came time to print coupons.

I don't know if my total balance would land me a spot on TV. But I had a huge mound of stuff in my cart, and there was a fair amount of sweat tripping down my neck, so... I think I'd qualify.
Two trips. 
Four separate transactions. 
Coupons used: 135
Items purchased: 220
Total value of coupons: $108.71
Total bonus coupons (Fry's made every coupon worth $1): $47.86
Spent: $199.14
Total sale/coupon savings: $463.05

And...here's what I bought. We have toilet paper coming out our ears. Mostly stuff I buy anyway, plus a few new things I thought it would be fun to try, since they were really cheap, or free.

Brawny paper towels, 6-pack : 6
Angel Soft toilet paper, 4-pack: 6 (I hate this brand, but these were free)
Scott toilet paper, 16-pack: 3
Cottonelle toilet paper, 12-pack: 2
Kleenex boxes: 9
Pixy Stix Valentines, 32-pack: 2
Hefty Gallon Freezer bags: 2
Haribo gummy bears: 3 (free)
Orville Redinbacher popcorn, 3-pack: 2
Quacker snack size rice cakes: 4
Huggy baby wipes: 1
Powerade: 4 (free)
V8 Fusion juice: 4
Sunkist 2 liter: 1 (free)
Palmolive dish soap: 4
Softsoap refill: 2
Softsoap pump: 2
Gerber Graduates ravioli:6
Boost kids chocolate milk, 6-pack: 1
Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese:14
Digiorno pizza:12
Red Baron pizza:12
Ronzoni veggie pasta: 8
Dole fruit cups, 6-pack: 4
Barilla pasta: 7
Starkist tuna creations:4
Wolf chili sauce: 2
Ragu sauce: 1
Franks Red Hot: 2
French's mustard:2
Kens Salad dressing: 2
Vlasic pickles: 2
Herdez salsa: 4
Del Monte canned veggies: 4
Minute Rice, brown: 5
Hanode brown rice: 3
Rotel: 4
Ortega green chiles: 4
Fiber One Protein cereal: 2
Cheerios: 2
Kellog's Krave cereal: 3
Apple Jacks: 4
Duncan Hines frosting flavor packet: 1 (free)
Dole frozen instant smoothies: 6
Oscar Meyer Ham: 6
Sargento cheese:4
Frigo string cheese: 2
Yoplait Greek 100: 2
Yoplait yogurt cups: 24

Extra gum: 4 (free)

1 comment:

Jaime Lynne said...

Why, WHY do I not coupon? I am so lazy. You are so inspiring.

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