Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day: Family Style

Chad has hated Valentine's Day ever since I've known him. Something to do with a high school incident, apparently. So I've never had high expectations for this particular holiday. Chad may not lavish me with surprises, but when he says to me, "Hey, you should schedule yourself a massage for Valentine's Day," I am more than okay with that. And yes, I did. And yes, it was wonderful. And yes, I gave him something too. And yes, that's private.

But Family Style Valentine's Days are the name of the game these days, with fun stuff our kids will get a kick out of. And I rarely turn down an excuse to make fun, delicious, holiday-themed food. So we ate Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Valentine Pancakes for breakfast.

And we had chocolate fondue for dessert after lunch. 

I didn't used to think fondue was a kid-appropriate activity, but Bree and Mason love it, so we indulge them.
Although, we did have to confiscate the fondue forks after the kids decided to have a sword fight that drew blood.

And we were delighted when snow started to fall, heavy and fast during our fondue fest. The kids played outside until they were soaking wet with melted snow that disappeared as quickly as it came.

And that's how we do Valentine's Day family style.

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