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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bree's Big Adventure

Over a month ago, Bree went with my mom on a trip to Washington state, to see where I grew up, and keep my dad company when he wasn't working in his office in Seattle.  They had non-stop fun, and I am insanely jealous.  I interviewed Bree while we looked at the pictures from her trip.  I think it's hilarious what stands out as memorable to a five-year-old!

Tell me about your trip to Washington, Bree.
I gotted to sleep in Grandma's room!  And when Grandma was sleeping, I tickled her feet. *Giggle*  It made her laugh!

Tell me about this picture.
That's Uncle Bob's farm.

That was his thing for me to play on so I don't get bored...that rocking horse thing.

And after that, Rocket (the horse) runned a little bit.  He made me laugh!  I went "hyuh-yuh-yuh-yuh" when I went up and down!

What else did you do at Uncle Bob's farm?
We roasted hot dogs, but no marshmallows.  And there was yummy, yummy juice!

What about this picture?
Um, that was in a forest.  It's really pretty and green in the forest.
What did you do there?
We were looking around.  It was very pretty.  And those things that sting...they were around!  What are those called?
Stinging nettles.
Sting metals were around.

And when we went to Grandma's old, old, old, old house, where you used to live, and Uncle Adam?  Someone, um, pushed the door open, and they went to the side and they took something out of Grandma's old, old, old, old, old house!  And there was a dead rat in it...Gross.

And what about here?
I was feeding the seagulls.
I fed them with crust...pizza crust.  They liked it a lot.
Were they nice?
Actually, they weren't very nice.  One time they caught my finger on the piece of bread.  Ouchie.   The sharp beak.  Ouchie.  Did you get bit by a seagull once?
I don't think so...

That's me riding on the train to Papa's working place.
It was really fast!

That's Grandma taking a picture where Papa's office is close by, I think.
 There was a really big view up there.  Beautiful!
 That's where Papa works.  That's his office.

Tell me about the ferry.
It was fun.
And I met my old, old Grandma I saw when I was only a baby.  Papa's mother.  She is my great-grandmother.  But her husband kinda passed off.
Passed on?
Mmm hmm.
Do you know what that means?
Um, gone to heaven.
That's right.  So you took a ferry to see Great-Grandma?  What was the ferry like?
It was really windy.  And I petted a few dogs there.

Tell me about Enchanted Village.

Mom, there was a little roller coaster, and it went super-duper fast, and I screamed! ...I rided the merry-go-round...There was this little water park that I played in, and there was water slides, and they made a big "Kaboosh!"; a big splash.  That was the funnest part of the Enchanted Village.  I didn't ride the bump cars, because I was too little.  You get to bump right into each other!

Hey, um, Mom?  There used to be a little wading pool by the library, but it was too dangerous for little kids, because some might not know how to swim.  They ruined the wading pool and then they putted a little water park in there.
That's the water park.  Yep, that's me!  I played, and there was those little frogs that shooted water.  Turtles too...That's me on the teeter-totter.  Those boys thought I was little, but my Grandma said, "You can go fast."

There was this sand place...Sand box.  With tons of sand.
Grandma said there were big boys there that were trying to kick over your sand castle.  Do you remember that?
What happened?
We made islands, and the boys were taking the sand out of the sand box.
What did you do?
We didn't say "Get outta here, boys."
What did you say?
We said, um, "We're building this castle, but why are you taking the sand out of the sand box?  Even though there's water in it, it doesn't mean you can take the sand out of it.
Then what happened?
They joined us!  And they helped us build the sandcastles and lands...So we used our words.  I made some new friends there too!

That's an aquarium.  Sharks, and fishies.

Those seahorses are cute.  I never seen a seahorse before.  And I feeled some starfish and some crabs and stuff.
And what was that like?
It was kind of fuzzy.  And kind of weird, because I never felt any sea-creatures before.

That's me riding a camel for the very first time!  It was fun!  Kind of like riding a horse, but not as fast.

That is a zoo.
And that's a red fox.  And those are two lover-monkeys.

That's me at the zoo, leaving.  And that's cotton candy...I love cotton candy!  Grandma doesn't like cotton candy.  The green cotton candy is lime.  I never had lime cotton candy before.

That's Marie.
That's the leash that came with Whitey.  Whitey is my...she's my doggie.  She's my special, special doggie that has a bow on it.

That's Poochie, my little doggie that Grammy bought me, so I don't be bored.

That's how big Papa's catfish was.  It was pretty huge.  It can swallow Papa's hand!

That's Bunbun's birthday, remember?  Cute name, huh?
How old is Bunbun?
Um, she's two.  In a few more weeks, she's gonna be three.

Pictures: July 27th - August 9th


Jaime Lynne said...

Best blog post ever. And if I've said this before, I've changed my mind. This post is just too, too amazing.

Gosh, I miss you guys! Soon...

The Wallace Family said...

What a lucky girl! I remember when Taysom went to CA with Jim and Fran for a weekend. She was about Bree's age. I LOVE how you told about it in Bree's words.

Adam said...

An epic post for the ages.

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