Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A delicious mistake

I've been wanting to try making S'mores cupcakes for a while now, and finally decided how I wanted to go about it.  A graham cake with milk chocolate chips, a layer of melted chocolate spread on top, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, then topped with marshmallow.  

I debated the marshmallow topping for a long time.  I know it's pretty easy to make homemade fluff, but I had like 4 jars of marshmallow creme that I need to use before they expire (apparently I had unrealized dreams of multiple batches of fudge last Christmas).  So I thought I'd just see if I could pipe it right onto the cool cupcake.  I piped a nice, fat dollop on one, torched it, and voila!  It was beautiful. 

So I went ahead and topped the rest of the batch the same way.  They looked awesome.  

For a little while.

Then they slowly, slooowly, turned into this:
It took at least a full hour for them to achieve their new, droopy state.  I cringe to think how they'll look when it's time to serve our dinner guests dessert.

But oh, they do taste delicious!  And after all, aren't S'mores supposed to be messy?  That's the angle I'm sticking with, anyway.

Addendum: Our dinner guests (our friends and next-door-neighbors) recently went home.  He's a chef, but not the snobby kind, so both he and his wife loved the cupcakes.  But I think we got the better end of the arrangement: he made us six different kinds of pizza!  BBQ beef, teriyaki-pineapple, supreme, garlic chicken, pepperoni, and tomato-basil.  Amazing!  The BBQ beef was definitely my favorite, with the sauteed onions.  Mmmm.  Thanks Mat.


The Wallace Family said...

That does look so good! what's your recipe? Is it just chocolate cake mix with the other additions?


megs said...

I used my vanilla cake recipe, and replaced some of the flour with graham cracker crumbs.

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