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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wonderlands

For previous Christmases, we've taken the kids to see Santa at the mall.  This year we decided to go pro.  Bass Pro Shops, that is.  I saw a flier that advertised the store's winter wonderland, including the free activities and free pictures with Santa.  So we invited my mom to come along, and we drove to Mesa.  The games that usually require quarters were all free: the Red Rider target shooting, the fishing and shooting video games, and the newly featured remote control monster trucks.  Mason was freaking out about those trucks.  Since we've been home, whenever we mention Santa, Mason says, "Santa has 'mote control monster trucks at his house!"

 After seeing Santa and grabbing some dinner, we all went to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo.  The lights were spectacular, especially the big light show accompanied by music.  There was also a big interactive talking giraffe, which was probably the kids' favorite part.  I don't know where the guy doing the giraffe voice was hiding, but he could obviously see and hear the kids.  They stood there talking to him for a while.  And of course the kids rode the carousel before we headed home.  It was quite a magical evening.


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Frances Wallace said...

I would have loved that fun day. What's better than a talking giraffe?


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