Monday, June 28, 2010

Wish I'd had my camera

The kids and I went to my parents' place this weekend, and my mom and I did the musical number in church (she's picked up the flute after a 30-year hiatus--awesome!).  Things happen out where my parents live.  Things you never get to see in the city.
  • A lizard racing your truck down the long dirt drive, and winning.
  • A cow's face right outside your bedroom window, its hairy, slimy mouth chewing on a dead animal's skull.
  • Your son getting up close and personal with his favorite thing: the tractor.
  • Your kids "swimming" up and down their grandpa's corn field's newly plowed and flood-irrigated furrows (soil with a high clay content + water = amazing squishy mud).
  • A layer of tiny pepper-weed bugs so thick on the ground that it looks like the earth is crawling.
  • A large saguaro cactus with an old tire thrown over one of its arms (someone's sad version of ring-toss).
  • A cow on the side of the road chewing on a bottle (what is it with those stupid cows?).
It was quite a visit.  It always is.


The Wallace Family said...

Ha, I didn't know cows liked chewing on bones :)


Frances Wallace said...

The cow outside the bedroom window is SCARY!!!

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